The litigation department of our Office covers all areas of law and we pride of our extensive experience and proven track record in successfully handling a wide range of claims and disputes in matters such as:

Civil Law (Traffic accidents, employers’ liability, personal injury claims, insurance claims and disputes, debt collection, banking and finance disputes, hire purchase agreements, international trade law, all types of admiralty claims, property disputes including rent control, compulsory acquisitions, construction disputes, torts, breach of contract, passing-off actions, injunctions and interim orders, damages, destruction of infringing goods and the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards in Cyprus).

Criminal Law (We both advise on criminal law issues and undertake criminal cases).

Administrative Law (We deal with any issue on administrative law, including taxation issues).

Family Law (Matrimonial law, divorce, child law, separation agreements).

Commercial, Company, Insolvency, Trusts and Equity Law. (Company law and company applications, trusts and equity, company and partnership disputes, bankruptcy and insolvency law).

Labour and Employment Law. (Including cases of illegal termination of employment and the defending of employers).

Rent control law

Wills and Probate (administration of the estate of the deceased and the execution of wills).

Human Rights (Human Rights appeals to the relevant authorities and courts in Cyprus and before the European Court of Human Rights).